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How to Organise a Successful Familiarisation Trip for a UK Venue

Familiarisation trips, often referred to as “FAM trips,” are invaluable opportunities for event planners and other industry professionals to experience firsthand what a UK venue has to offer. These trips play a vital role in promoting venues, showcasing their unique features, and building relationships with potential clients. In this blog post, we will discuss with you a comprehensive guide on how to organise a successful familiarisation trip for a UK venue.


Define the Objectives for your Familiarisation Trip

Before planning a familiarisation trip, clearly outline your objectives. Determine what you aim to achieve through the trip, such as introducing the venue to event planners, highlighting its key features, or promoting specific services. Establishing clear goals will guide your planning process and ensure the trip aligns with your desired outcomes.


Select the Right Participants for your Familiarisation Trip

Identify the target audience for the familiarisation trip. Invite professionals who have the potential to bring business to the venue, such as event planners, corporate travel managers, business owners in the region and key decision-makers in relevant industries. Ensure that participants represent a diverse range of backgrounds, expertise, and potential client profiles to maximise exposure and opportunities.


Create a Detailed Itinerary for Familiarisation Trip

Craft a comprehensive itinerary that showcases the venue’s strengths, facilities, and services. Include a mix of site tours, presentations, interactive sessions, and networking opportunities. Depending on your objectives you could also schedule visits to nearby attractions, hotels, and dining establishments that complement the venue’s offerings, providing a holistic experience of the surrounding area.


Personalise the Experience

Tailor the familiarisation trip to suit the interests and preferences of the participants. Gather information about their specific needs beforehand and customise the itinerary accordingly. Consider offering options for participants to choose activities based on their professional interests or areas of expertise. Personalisation enhances engagement and fosters positive impressions of the venue.


Provide Engaging Presentations and Demonstrations

Organise engaging presentations and demonstrations that highlight the venue’s unique selling points. Include interactive sessions where participants can experience the venue’s capabilities firsthand. Showcasing technology, event setups, and innovative features can leave a lasting impression and generate excitement among attendees.


Facilitate Networking Opportunities

Arrange networking sessions, meals, and informal gatherings where participants can interact with venue staff, industry experts, and fellow attendees. Encourage open discussions, Q&A sessions, and the exchange of ideas. Networking opportunities create valuable connections and foster potential collaborations, increasing the likelihood of future business partnerships.


Offer Accommodation and Travel Support

Consider offering complimentary accommodation and travel arrangements for participants, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Collaborate with local hotels to provide discounted rates or exclusive packages. Arrange convenient transportation options to and from the venue and during the trip to enhance participant comfort and convenience.


Gather Feedback and Follow-up

Conclude the familiarisation trip by soliciting feedback from participants. Provide evaluation forms or surveys to capture their impressions, suggestions, and potential business opportunities. Use this feedback to improve future trips and tailor offerings to meet client expectations. Following the trip, promptly follow up with participants, expressing gratitude and nurturing potential leads.

Organising a successful familiarisation trip for a UK venue requires careful planning, personalisation, and attention to detail. By defining objectives, selecting the right participants, creating engaging itineraries, facilitating networking opportunities, and providing excellent support, you can showcase the venue’s unique features and foster valuable connections. Remember to gather feedback and follow up with participants to capitalise on the momentum generated during the trip. A well-executed familiarisation trip can significantly contribute to the venue’s visibility, reputation, and future business prospects.


Hartley Consulting & Events worked with the Belgrade Theatre to organise a Familiarisation Trip  

As part of the work Hartley Consulting & Events undertake with the Belgrade Theatre we recently organised a familiarisation trip to showcase the venue as a destination for different, new and inspiring rooms for meetings and events.

In addition to the main auditorium, there are an amazing range of event spaces to host 8 to 850 people.

One attendee said “Great morning spent networking and taking a tour of Belgrade Theatre. Despite being Coventry born and bred I hadn’t appreciated that the Theatre offered conferencing and meeting facilities.”

The familiarisation trip has also led to a several enquires for meetings and events.


Chris’s top tips for organising a Familiarisation Trip

In addition to the above Chris’s 3 top tips for organising a familiarisation trip are –

  • Work with membership organisations and media to help amplify the FAM trip opportunity to their members and audiences.
  • Build and refresh data – making sure if you’re targeting corporates, you have contact details for decision makers across HR, Marketing, Senior management, and PA’s – key influencers in external venue hire.
  • Collaborate with other venues, hotels, and attractions to create a compelling experience!


Work with Hartley Consulting & Events to Organise your next Familiarisation Trip

Looking to plan an unforgettable Familiarisation Trip for your business?

Let Hartley Consulting & Events be your expert!  Our team specialises in creating tailored and seamless experiences that showcase your venue’s best features. From crafting detailed itineraries to personalised activities, we ensure your guests have an immersive and memorable journey. Contact us today and let’s embark on a Familiarisation Trip that leaves a lasting impression on your clients!

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