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Welcome to our Top Tips listing, offered to you by our Chamber Members.  Our Members are here to share their knowledge on areas that could help you in your business.

*Please note the top tips displayed are supplied by our Members and should not be considered as business advice supplied by the Chamber.


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Top 10 Tips for dealing with the GDPR

Expires: 30/04/2019

The General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR as it is more affectionately known, came into force on the 25th May 2018. While its potential impact on is starting to show, many businesses are still not certain how to comply with the new law. With thi…

How blockchain can save the manufacturing industry

Expires: 31/05/2019

In many ways, the UK’s manufacturing industry defines the UK economy. This is a sector which is full of moving parts – both literally and figuratively. It encompasses everything in the production of iconic British products, from designer clothing and…

Making the most of 360 Degree Feedback

Expires: 30/04/2019

What is 360 degree feedback?

360 degree feedback is a process in which an individual gains feedback from a range of different people about their performance and effectiveness at work.  It is often used in leadership development to help leaders ident…

Personal Safety

Expires: 28/06/2019

Do you carry your Driving Licence with you everyday ? Why ?

It has all the personal details an online thief needs... ( If you are stopped by the police , you have 7 days to produce your licence ) 

Below are some top tips on how you can stay safe a…

Tips on how to improve your current site

Expires: 31/05/2019

Keeping your site up to date and fresh keeps the site secure, keeps users coming back and can boost your SEO Efforts. So we have a few tips to improve the site for your users along with making sure your site is up to date and secure.

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