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Warwickshire cyber security expert to share quantum computing insights at upcoming international conference

A renowned cyber security expert and Warwickshire-based lecturer will be sharing his insights into the advantages and threats of quantum computing at an upcoming international conference.

Dr Ajay Kaushik is a lecturer in Digital and Cyber Technologies at Royal Leamington Spa College, which is part of WCG (Warwickshire College Group) and has been invited to speak at the International Conference on Science & Technology in London.

Warwickshire cyber security expert to share quantum computing insights at upcoming international conference

He has extensive research publications in cyber security, having produced more than 19 research publications since 2016.

The conference will be held on April 25 and 26 at The Tomlinson Centre, and Dr Kaushik has been invited to be honorary keynote speaker as a result of his position as a prominent researcher in the domain of cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

His presentation will be titled ‘The Applications of Quantum Resistant Cyber Security in Modern Technological Advancements’.

It follows from a keynote presentation which Dr Kaushik delivered at the ninth International Congress on Information and Communications Technology earlier this year.

He chaired a session for 100 attendees, online and in-person, with attendees presenting research papers from all across the globe.

At the event Dr Kaushik presented on cybersecurity challenges, the opportunities AI brings to strengthen cybersecurity, and protecting systems and data against quantum computing attacks.

More than 100 people are expected to be at his presentation at the International Conference on Science & Technology and Dr Kaushik says the knowledge he gains from the events he is able to pass back on to his students.

“I try to share as much expertise as I can when I present at major international events, but equally I take a lot away which I can use when teaching my students at Royal Leamington Spa College,” he said.

“It’s important as an educator that you have a rounded understanding of what is happening around the globe in your subject, and that is even more important in an ever-changing field like cyber security.

“I will be speaking at the upcoming event primarily about quantum computing and sixth generation (6G) communication. We are expecting 6G to be introduced from 2027 and quantum computers will be part of that.

“This will bring significant cyber security challenges, as quantum computing attacks will easily be able to break current security algorithms.

“It’s a booming area of technological advancements and experts are already working on quantum computing defence solutions.

“I’m looking forward to speaking with delegates at the event on an international stage and sharing the knowledge at my institute.”

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