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The worst mistakes you’re making with your website content – and how to easily fix them

At Spaghetti Agency we speak to a lot of business owners, and many of the ‘mistakes’ people make with their website content are common. So, let’s see whether you’re making them too, so you can fix them if you’d like to.

Let’s investigate what’s stopping you from turning more of your website visitors into paying customers…


Information overload or complicated, confusing design

Many people go into a lot of detail about who they are, how they work, and what options are available. If we haven’t been able to explain the VALUE behind our products/services, or explain how we can help them solve their PAIN POINT(S) they won’t have a compelling reason to buy. Complicated text or jargon will just put readers off. We need to give people what they want and make it clear what they should do.


Making it all about you

When your website readers visit your website, they don’t care when your company was founded or any of the features of your products. In fact, they don’t really care about you at all at this point. Sorry. Move your language from ‘we do this’ to making it all about THEM. Research your ideal client and write with them in mind. Remember what’s meaningful and important for your clients – which is how you solve their pain or make their lives better.


So many stock images

People who use photos of themselves on their sites seem way more approachable and trustworthy. Make the investment in some decent photos because you can use them on your website and social media for a long time to come. Let’s avoid shaking hand businessmen in dark suits, shall we?


Out of date or inconsistent testimonials

It’s so easy to pop your first few testimonials on your website, and never re-visit them again. Testimonials that are bland and non-descriptive will be skimmed over and won’t capture the attention of your potential clients. Get a system in place to make it easy to ask for testimonials. Keep all your testimonials in one place so you can find them when you need to.


Not blogging – or calling the blog something unexpected

Blogging is hugely important for your marketing, not only for your Search Engine Optimisation but so you can help your email subscribers or social media followers, and position yourself as an expert. Make the blog something useful, helpful, entertaining, or informative, and make them searchable. Clean and simple layouts are best.


Website inconsistencies

Other website inconsistencies include: switching between talking in the first person and third person; using unexpected layouts, not being clear on your homepage, having broken links, cramming too much text too close together, and not having Ts and Cs or a Privacy Policy.


Complicated or demanding Call To Action

Often people try to invite the reader to book a session directly, without offering a call first.

Your Call To Action can be anything, including signing up for your email list, downloading a piece of content, or contacting you. Keep it simple and offer one or two options.


Using a weak tone of voice

People will only believe in you and your business as much as you believe in yourself, so that needs to come across in your copy! When you understand your audience and your site’s purpose, the tone of voice is easier to define. Be clear about what makes your offerings worth their money, your readers will be hooked.



Avoiding these mistakes in your website content can significantly improve your reader’s experience. When readers have an easier time digesting your content, and you make them feel like you’re speaking their language and you understand them, they’re more likely to become a lead and then buy from you.

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