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Value Your Staff to Unlock Business Growth

For nearly a decade, wellness has become the buzzword in large companies and HR departments.

Practitioners report increased profits, productivity as well as reduced operating costs and greater company adaptability. Morgan Stanley and Adidas recently topped Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Survey because they know Wellness in employees translates into sustainable long-term business growth (Jack: 2019). Elsewhere Virgin Health and Workforce Magazine reported as many as 77% believed Wellness programmes positively impact company culture- a figure backed up 69% in research led by the Economist Intelligence unit (2013). It’s clear there’s something revolutionary going on here but what are the facts behind the hype?

Value Your Staff to Unlock Business Growth

Over 75% of employers claim to offer some kind of Wellness programme (Society for Human Resource Management:2013). However, research by the Canada Life Group discovered that 45% of respondents believed their employer did not know how to improve productivity. Worse still, 76% felt their productivity was being negatively impacted at work (Scott: 2018). These figures suggest that many of the 75% employers from the first study are falling well short in their commitment to employees. Worryingly for employers, 89% of those surveyed believed they would notice if employers’ schemes stemmed from a genuine concern about their Wellness. It seems a poorly executed Wellness scheme could be as bad as no scheme at all. People talk. Employees love to chat about their jobs, especially if their employer exudes Wellness – are you certain your company would compare favourably to your competitors? Does your company spark pride in your employees and offer a truly compelling employment proposition beyond money? UK companies are either not providing Wellness or doing it so badly as to seem disingenuous (Economist Intelligence unit: 2013). Skye Wellbeing have produced a guide for businesses that will explore the benefits of implementing Wellness and the pitfalls of doing it badly or not at all. It will also get you started on the road to understanding Wellness to enable you to craft a well-planned and considered scheme, matched to your particular workforce’s needs. DON’T LOSE YOUR BEST PEOPLE TO RIVALS WHO KNOW HOW TO MOTIVE THEM BETTER

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