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60-30-10 by John Holder

The coordinates for buried treasure? No, it’s the ratio of importance in your marketing of who, message, and aesthetic's.

60-30-10 by John Holder

The who part is the most important, at 60%. This should be the ideal profile customer that you would like to serve. When I teased you about this being buried treasure, that is because too many business owners cannot accurately identify the parameters which define their ideal customer, and so they struggle to engage with them. You may have heard it said “it’s all in the list”, and that is another term for this who part.

Crafting the message is next, at 30%. As those of you who are familiar with my Buyers Journey thinking will know, this needs to address the number one question that those prospects are facing, the one that keeps them awake at nights, worrying about the impact on their businesses or lives. If that's the headline or opening sentence, having gained their attention the rest needs to describe your solution to that problem, and why they absolutely need to source that solution from you rather than any other solution from one of your competitors.

The least important part, at 10%, is the visual impact; while absolutely brilliant graphic design will never hurt, it doesn't matter if it is only tolerable rather than award-winning, provided that you are getting it in front of the right audience, with the right message written reasonably well.

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