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Cloud technology, making remote working a reality

One of the largest constraints of remote working is the perceived lack of productivity from individuals not in the office. If they are unable to access key systems or data, they cannot perform their duties in an efficient and timely manner.

However, the advent and development of cloud technologies have made this concern a thing of the past. Businesses both large and small have embraced the cloud because it has a vast array of benefits, one of them being the feeling of empowerment from their employees, by allowing remote working.

Cloud technology, making remote working a reality

Cloud computing, along with mobile technology, provides your employees with the ability to work from any location that has internet access. Being able to connect to and use your business-critical systems safely and securely, without the need of being physically in the office.

Furthermore, collaboration technologies such as Microsoft Teams allow colleagues to share ideas, plan tasks and talk face to face from any location.

Some employers are reluctant to move towards remote working; however, others are following the trend in offering flexible working hours to their employees as an incentive – which can also be cost-effective, as it can limit absences, increase productivity and save money.

Jack Hazell our Director of Operations said “ Remote working has empowered our staff, it has made us more flexible as a business, productivity has remained high and overall, it has increased staff satisfaction ”

With the recent outbreak of the new Coronavirus and employees potentially being told to self-isolate, having the option of remote working relieves the stress and potential productivity loss of both the employer and the employee.

At Nimbus, we can support you in embracing cloud technologies and making remote working a reality.

We provide a portfolio of cloud technology services including our cloud orchestration and management services, provision of cloud hosting platforms, provision of cloud software and support via our cloud technology support service.

Whether you are considering moving to the cloud or are already in the cloud, we can help you keep pace with fast-moving cloud technologies and help you to future proof your organisation.


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