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Gallagher’s Wellbeing Walks

If you are based in Coventry City Centre, you may have seen some insurance brokers roaming around in the mid-morning and mid-afternoon. But there is nothing to be concerned about. It’s all part of Coventry based Gallagher’s approach to wellbeing.

Gallagher’s Wellbeing Walks

As an often high-pressure, deadline based profession, insurance and risk management can be stressful. And in order to get the best out of the team, Gallagher has a well-developed wellbeing strategy that encompasses a range of activities and opportunities for our people to make sure they are always ready for the next challenge.

One such opportunity is the ‘Wellbeing Walk’. It has long been advised for office workers to take a break from their screens, but the Gallagher approach is to recommend a break from the office altogether. Employees have the opportunity to take a 15 minute walk out of the office, in the morning or afternoon, in addition to their usual break. It has been a huge success, not just in terms of popularity with the team, but in improving productivity and keeping the team fresh and energised for their clients.

Barbara Dainty, Senior Account Manager, says: “A wellbeing walk is a wonderful opportunity to take a break from the desk. It is both good from a physical point of view but also makes you feel refreshed and ready for the tasks ahead. When sitting in an office surrounded by electronic equipment it’s great to get out in the fresh air. I walk towards the green with beautiful flowerbeds which is a rich contrast to the office. And I genuinely feel that I am more productive having had a walk and time away from the screen.”

Debbie Moss, Service Team Leader, is similarly enthusiastic, commenting: “Wellbeing walks provide me with opportunities: to have a meeting on the move with colleagues; to have a break away from my desk; to provide thinking time to solve a problem. I generally walk around the green area to connect with nature and admire the planting. In addition I get some fresh air and usually some sunshine!”

The Gallagher team highly recommend wellbeing walks to other offices in Coventry & Warwickshire, and if you see any of the team in Coventry, feel free to say hello!


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