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Business response to Borough Plan delay in Nuneaton & Bedworth

Business leaders in the north of Warwickshire hope a delay in Nuneaton & Bedworth’s Borough Plan will ensure it makes enough land available for economic growth.

Business response to Borough Plan delay in Nuneaton & Bedworth

The Government’s Planning Inspector has asked for another hearing in February which means the final plan is not anticipated to be presented to the Borough Council until April.

The Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce has continued to press the claim for more employment land to be included in the plan to ensure that there are enough jobs in the future to match the additional homes being earmarked for the area.

Tom Mongan, the chair of the Chamber’s north Warwickshire branch, said: “Of course, everyone wants to see the plan finalised to give the area a blueprint for growth over the coming years.

“So while we don’t want to see the crucial plan delayed, we hope that it will mean that when we get to the final plan it has been analysed rigorously and has taken into account our views that more land for employment is needed.

“The Chamber’s property group has been looking at the issue of employment land over several years now and stretches right across Coventry and Warwickshire, not just here in our area.

“The findings show that we have a chronic shortage of land for businesses to expand into and also to attract inward investors to the area.

“That is why we have been pressing the point so hard that there must be enough provision in the plan to ensure that business can create the jobs of the future for the next generation.”

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