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Countdown to 2020: Are you hunting for growth?

Having a clear and compelling strategic plan can be the difference between growth and decline. With 2020 approaching it’s a great time to sharpen up your strategy and plans, ensuring your business is fit for growth in time for the new year.

Many SMEs hove no formal strategic plan and for those that do, it can be tempting to take the previous year’s plan and make a few tweaks. If you delivered a strong year, and nothing significant has changed in your market, then small changes may be enough for 2020. However, if you forecasted better results, or you are ready to take your business to the next level, it might be time to take a closer look.

Countdown to 2020: Are you hunting for growth?

As a strategy consultancy, The Brand Detectives is focused on hunting down sustainable growth for established businesses and brands, using an investigative, evidence-led approach. Whether delivering a strategic planning process, or tackling a specific business challenge, we help our clients across the Midlands, UK and Europe to grow, despite the challenging commercial environment.

Fiona Lomas (MSc, MCIM) founded the company in 2018 after spending more than 15 years in marketing developing and turning around much-loved UK and global consumer brands, including NIVEA, Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Fox’s Biscuits. During her time working in both the UK and Germany, Fiona developed an ability to cut through the layers and find the key challenge that would unlock growth if solved, even in brands that had not grown for years. Since launching the business Fiona has worked with clients from diverse sectors, including consumer brands, charities, professional services and online retailers.

“I believe strategy is about making choices. Reasoned, considered and consistent choices. Choosing your market, your offering, your customers and how you serve them. Then considering all of this in relation to your competitors, and the impact of other stakeholders on your business. It’s about aligning your whole company behind achieving a compelling, differentiating vision and commercial objectives, through effective strategies and plans. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from working in this way.”

The Brand Detectives offer big business thinking, distilled into an effective strategic planning process for SMEs. We understand how challenging and time consuming running a strategic planning process can be without support, especially if it’s been some time since the last strategy review. Our process is designed to support you and your business, with us taking the strain behind the scenes.

Using out bespoke PLAN IT! Toolkit to build the strategy, we work together to answer three critical questions:

  1. Where is the business now?
  2. Where do you want the business to be?
  3. What’s getting in the way?

The first step is to complete a full analysis of the current internal and external situation, following the clues to uncover where the business is now. This might include interviewing key team members, customers and suppliers, customer and sales data interrogation, market research, competitor strategy reviews and investigating market trends. We often find the symptoms are known, but the root causes can be more elusive.

The second step explores where the business is going; the long-term vision, mission and values, as well as 1-3-year objectives. This is an iterative process as we understand and explore the implications of different directions for the business. Modelling the commercials is key to ensuring the objectives are realistic and achievable. Getting a business ready for sale needs a different strategy than a company in turnaround, or a business going for step change growth.

In the final step we identify what is stopping those objectives from becoming a reality; what’s in the way? This might be lack of investment or existing customer behaviour, but it is just as often about focus and internal systems and processes. Once we know what’s in the way we develop differentiating strategies and plans to overcome them.

We develop the critical elements of the strategy during interactive workshops together with you and your team across 2-3 days. A full project takes 1-2 months, depending on team availability and the breadth and accessibility of data. You'll work directly with Fiona, plus experienced associates when a project requires it.

We use the detective theme to encourage teams to be more questioning, objective and analytical. We ask you to bring all your business- and market understanding to the table. In addition to supporting with data interrogation and analysis, we bring a tried and trusted process, facilitation and constructive challenge, to help develop a strategy you feel both committed to and full ownership for. That ownership is critical for implementation back in the business.

At The Brand Detectives, we don’t give off-the-shelf advice; each project is tailored to your needs. Working together we can build a clear and actionable strategic plan to help you grow your business.

With two months to go until 2020, if you’d like to find out more about working with us, visit our website or call us to book a FREE initial case consultation. We also have a Chamber Member Offer below for a ½ Day Strategy Review.


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