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“Shining Light” Nuneaton business is ahead of the ISO9001 accreditation game

Caledonian Control Technology Ltd (CCTL) has been manufacturing safety critical industrial controls in the UK for more than 35 years.

“Shining Light” Nuneaton business is ahead of the ISO9001 accreditation game


Andy Kearns (far left) of Phoenix Corporate Solutions with Terry Lavin and Will Patrick of Caledonian Control Technology Ltd



Their “Caledonian Optical Flame Monitoring Technology” is the key to eternally burning tribute flames at various high profile memorial locations around the world. As well as this esteemed product, they also manufacture thousands of controls all over the world every year for many varied applications such as heating, commercial cooking and baking, kilns, glass-working, incinerating, metal finishing and cosmetics.

As a company who specialises in the design and production of safety critical products, strict process control is vital and over the years they’ve built an enviable reputation for Quality.

Having been one of the earlier adoptees of the ISO 9001 standard back in 1991, they’ve been through a number of iterations of the standard, but like many other businesses, the transition to ISO9001:2015 led to some initial concerns around the workload required, the sheer volume of paperwork and the changes required.

After contacting the Chamber, CCTL enlisted some external help from Andy Kearns (Phoenix Corporate Solutions) who helped Terry Lavin (Quality Technician) to navigate through the new standard and prepare for their accreditation assessment audit in April.

Andy said …

“With such a strong Quality culture already, CCTL were actually already about 80% of the way to the new version of the standard without even knowing it.

“I was able to simplify things for them and work with Terry to put the new requirements in place really quickly (about a month). They passed their assessment visit in April with flying colours and are now ISO9001:2015 accredited”

Will from Caledonian said …

“Like most businesses, we are very busy and we were struggling a bit with the time constraints of the transition to the 2015 version of ISO9001.

We know how important it is to our business to keep our quality system up to date so we contacted the chamber and we were put in touch with Andy.

Andy’s advice was really clear and practical and I think we benefited from his many years of business experience – it definitely made life a lot simpler for us”

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