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Four charities benefit from law firm's charitable trust

A group of charities across Coventry and Warwickshire have benefitted from donations made by the charitable trust of a leading law firm.

Four charities benefit from law firm's charitable trust

Wright Hassall runs various events throughout the year in order to raise money for its charitable trust – funds which are then distributed to good causes in the local area as part of its community work.

Employees at the Leamington-based firm who take on challenges for charity throughout the year also raise money for the trust.

Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre, Safeline, Helping Hands and the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum Warwick were among the charities to receive donations which will enable them to continue their good work.

Helping Hands, based in Gloucester Street, Leamington , aims to give people in need - including the homeless - in Leamington a ‘hand up’ rather than a ‘hand out’.  

Their work includes providing a soup kitchen, donating furniture and other essentials for those recently re-homed, and helping people to get back into work.

Leanne Kirkman, the charity’s CEO said: “We are a lifeline for those who have fallen through the net and find themselves sleeping rough or otherwise excluded from society.

“Wright Hassall has committed £6,000 over three years to helping us and this support will allow us to continue to help those less fortunate to get their lives back on track.”

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum Warwick, based at St Johns House, is now self-funded after the Ministry of Defence withdrew financial support in April 2017, with donations such as the £500 given by Wright Hassall more crucial than ever.

John Rice, chairman of trustees, said: “We feel that what we have at the museum represents an important part of local history, we are keeping alive the memory of those who gave their lives so we can enjoy the freedoms we do today.

“Donations such as this are more important to us than ever and we are grateful for the support from Wright Hassall.”

Graham Hayden, a therapist at the Tiny Tim’s Children’s Centre on Whitefriars Lane, Coventry, said: “As a charity we provide free treatments to children and young people with disabilities, health problems and special needs.

“The children don’t have to be local to us in Coventry, we want to provide support whenever we can at no cost to the families of these children.

“For us to be able to do that we have to rely on a lot of goodwill and of course, donations.

“It is a massive boost for us to receive £500 from Wright Hassall.”

Safeline, which helps victims of sexual abuse, was given £3000 earlier this year by the trust, and CEO Neil Henderson explained that the firm’s support was vital: “Sexual abuse is a really difficult subject to tackle but the number of people whose lives have been wrecked by this most pernicious of crimes is much greater than most people realise.

“This is not glamorous work but it is essential and without support from companies such as Wright Hassall we would not be able to help all those who are in desperate need.

“Around 13 million people in the UK have been affected by sexual abuse and thanks to donations such as this we were able to help 15,000 of those last year”.

Each charity representative was given the chance to meet staff at Wright Hassall’s offices on Olympus Avenue, where they spoke about the work they do and how the donations will help them.

Alex Robinson, who heads up Wright Hassall’s CSR initiative, said: “As a large employer we embrace the responsibility we have within our community.

“We support as wide a group of charities as possible and for us to be able to meet some of the people who contribute to such valuable work was a real honour for us.

“We have heard from John Rice of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Museum in Warwick that while chatting to one of the representatives from Helping Hands at our meeting, they discovered that they could help each other out.

“The museum will now be providing a place to meet and chat for veteran soldiers, who are also customers of Helping Hands, which is a lovely added bonus.”

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