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Qatar Market Update

Following the GCC trade embargo imposed on Qatar in June, the Qatar government has responded with several new measures to strengthen the market and boost the economy. New supply routes have been established, new supply chains developed and new suppliers and providers identified. The Qatari authorities have determined to lead the country on the path of greater self-sufficiency and to inject massive funding for a new public investment programme. The most recent developments confirm that Qatar is entering a boom period with new projects, new contracts and new tenders being announced almost day to day. Already announced are several large projects: a new cargo airport, new commercial port facilities, a new logistics hub, new food production facilities including a new dairy and a host of other large scale projects. Tenders for many of these projects have already begun to appear in the local newspapers and amongst the business community.

To take advantage of the boom in these new export opportunities, it is vital that UK businesses make contact with the market now. Companies should consider taking early steps to establish their brand and presence in the market to ensure they are well placed to benefit from the new wave of business in Qatar. Key steps to consider taking are


  1. Establish a local presence in Qatar - Following the GCC embargo it has now become essential to have a local presence to win business. There are easy, low cost solutions available (the British Chamber has recently opened a brand new British Business Centre to help companies get started here).
  2. Make contact early with local market experts - The British Chamber is able to advise and support all UK businesses looking to take advantage of the new boom in Qatar.
  3. Look out for new export opportunities from Qatar - We are regularly updating the UK government website ( with all the latest export opportunities. Because some local tenders have very short deadlines, the British Chamber can offer a tender collection service for UK companies not present in Qatar.
  4. Consider an early visit to the market - A number of UK trade missions are planned over the coming months which provide an ideal opportunity to explore the market, meet prospective clients and begin the process of establishing in Qatar. Details of the trade missions and relevant contact details can be obtained from the British Chamber.
  5. Alternatively, you can make contact with the British Chamber to plan a specific visit programme for your visit. The British Chamber will tailor the programme to your specific requirements, set up meetings with local contacts and provide you all the necessary information to start trading in Qatar.


We recommend to all our members and clients to keep in touch with the British Chamber for all the latest news and opportunities in the local market. For further infromation please do not hesitate to contact us +974 7791 9530 [email protected] or [email protected].


The British Chamber of Commerce Qatar

22nd August 2017


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