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This page brings you the latest news and updates from your local Chamber and the British Chambers, the national representative body of 52 accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK, representing 92,000 businesses.

Letter from the Home Secretary on EU Citizenship

Date created: 12/01/2017

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BCC: Planning system must work better for business

Date Created: 04/12/2017

BCC Update

See the full Planning Report here


Go for Growth - Land for Jobs

Date Created: 26/10/17

Press Release

Full Briefing Paper


BCC Update 

Date Created: 10/10/2017

BCC Update


BCC Update 

Date Created: 14/08/2017

BCC Update


The Business Outlook Breakfast 

Date Created: 01/08/2017

Outlook Breakfast 


Q1 2017 Quarterly International Trade Outlook 

Date Created: 31/07/2017

Q1 - The British Chambers of Commerce 


Q2 2017 Quarterly Economic Survey 

Date Created: 31/07/2017

Q2 - The British Chambers of Commerce 


Brexit Objectives Snap Poll: June 2017

Date Created: 31/07/2017

Post General Election Snap Poll 


British Chambers of Commerce Update, 4th May 2017

Date created: 13.06.17

British Chambers Update, 12th June 2017


"This week in business and Politics"

Date created 16.05.17


"The importance of the business voice in local decision-making " from our Director of Economics, Mike Spicer, courtesy of The Times online and Red Box:

Date Created: 05.05.17

Local Decision Making            


The British Chambers General Election Manifesto on Devolution by Mike Spicer, Director of Economics.

Date Created: 05.05.17

General election manifesto - Devolution


British Chambers of Commerce Update, 4th May 2017

Date created: 04.05.17

British Chambers Update 4th May 2017

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